Course level: Undergraduate

Fall 2018
American University of Paris

The course provides a perspective on major currents of recent political thought in the context of the economy. It considers the spectrum of thinking from libertarianism through classical and progressive liberalism, focusing on distinctions between economic and political liberty, social justice, and democratic citizenship. The course considers lastly contemporary concerns with international distributive justice.

Emphasis will be placed on attentive reading and discussion of seminal texts from, among others, Fraser, Habermas, Rawls and Young, as well as on developing and exercising a discussion culture in the classroom. The course will include lectures and seminar discussions concerning key contemporary figures and texts, as well as major philosophical conceptions, arguments, and theories regarding politics.

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AUP_PL-PO 3004_Contemporary Political Thought_Syllabus_Fall 2018 (2.22 MB)