Center for Critical Democracy Studies

The Civic Media Lab has granted Culp a Fellowship in order to work on civic education and digital citizenship during 2020-21.

Civic Education for Digital Citizenship

The use of digital technology such as social media, robots and health apps are profoundly transforming the culture, economy and politics of liberal, Western democracies. The research project will concentrate on recent trends in political communication that are caused by processes of digitalization – including post-truth regimes, fake news and echo chambers – and explore their implications for digital citizenship. In particular, the project will consider which practices of civic education, especially in schools, are appropriate and effective in cultivating the attitudes, knowledge and skills that citizens need in a digitized world. For example, it will discuss pedagogical questions of digital literacy. The working hypothesis of the project is that the critical exercise of digital citizenship is especially valuable for participation in both national and transnational social movements, which harness the digitized forms of communication for their political struggles. In that way this project may be able to offer a counterweight to pessimistic views that view the intensive use of digital technology as responsible for the present malaise of Western democracies.

The Civic Media Lab: