As Fellow of the Center for Critical Democracy Studies (AUP) I am co-organizing, together with Prof. Stephen Sawyer, a lecture series on Contemporary European Democratic Theory that is running from Fall 2020 through Fall 2021. Prof. Sawyer and I plan to edit a collection on the topic of the lecture series.

Contemporary European Democratic Theory

The aim of the lecture series is to offer a tour d’horizon of the state of the art of contemporary European democratic theory. Rather than starting from a neat definition of European democratic theory, however, the basic presupposition of the lecture series is that neither the existence nor the central characteristics of European democratic theory can be taken for granted. Instead, the lecture series and edited book interrogate two fundamental questions about European democratic theory: Is there a distinctively European approach to democratic theorizing? If so, what are the central characteristics of that approach?

Program of the Lecture Series

Center for Critical Democracy Studies (CCDS):